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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is an exchange programme for young entrepreneurs financed by the European Union. The young entrepreneur travels to a company in a foreign EU country, to start a very special cooperation for 1-6 months. Two of our new matches give a little insight into the process in this interview.


Dear EYE-Match, please introduce yourselves:

Kristin: I am Kristin Langer, from Germany. I am a new entrepreneur in Social Projects. I work in projects focusing on Inclusion and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG´s).  I offer creative cultural activities, events and workshops for people with different needs.  

Eléonore: I am Eléonore Delisse, from France. I have been an entrepreneur for over 4 years now in the Netherlands. I develop projects for social innovation with design thinking. Together with my partner we developed an incubator for young designers in Rotterdam. I have experience with concept development, prototyping, visual and physical communication, branding and social media marketing.


How did you two come together?

Kristin: I wanted to get more experience in an international exchange with an entrepreneur, I asked around and some of my friends were already acquainted with the program. There my venture started.

Eléonore: I actually had sort of the same journey, I was looking to broaden my knowledge in social sciences. Some people of my network directed me to the platform and this is where we met.


What are your plans for your cooperation?

Kristin: We will work together on different projects during this exchange. For each project we will define on which level we will learn from each other and how we will proceed to get the best out of this experience.

Eléonore: Each project has its own timeline and will be developed at different speed, which will enable Kristin to learn from all stages of the project developments. In addition to the current project we plan on starting a new one together to tackle a social issue of Rotterdam.


Eléonore, what do you think is the benefit of having this young entrepreneur with you?

Eléonore: I want to learn from Kristin how to create barrier free accesses events and projects. How to involve locals with projects and especially how to grow communities around our activity. But also learn from her expertise as a social expert to use this new perspective in my projects.


What do you hope to achieve during your stay?

Kristin:  I want to expand my knowledge in the field of design thinking to have more impact with my future activity. My aim with this collaboration is to learn about visual communication, design thinking methods and practical skills. My goal is to develop these new skills to create new services/products (workshops, accessibility products, visual identity and online communication material). And learn from Eléonore how social designers think, develop projects and how they create new answers for nowadays complex social issues.

Eléonore: I’m currently working as a designer for social innovation, therefore it is of great value for me to learn about the social field to develop my projects.

Kristin: This exchange is a great opportunity for us to fulfil our respective ambitions.

Was it easy to formulate an agreement?

Eléonore: We were each full of ideas when we started to talk to each other. Both our worlds merged within our agreement. Though it took some time to formulate it.

Kristin: Everything started to make sense when we filed in the platform online. Now we have a clear agreement and plan, we are ready to start this collaboration within a nice frame.

How was the matchmaking process in general? Did you have help?

Kristin: We had help from the Intermediary Organisations in Germany and Netherlands.

Eléonore: Indeed, the contact person was of great help, and made our process smooth. We had conference calls, email exchange each time we needed help to go further with our application.


Kristin, any recommendations for people thinking about joining the programme?

Kristin: As the Young Entrepreneur, it was a wonderful opportunity to formulate my ideas within a business plan. The program helps to learn from someone with experience on a same eye level. Don’t be scared about the application process. It’s a chance for an European skill exchange - as well as a network of professionals  with whom it’s possible to collaborate by sharing ideas, experiences, designing projects/products to spread the business.  


Thank you and a nice time together!


And if you, the reader, are interested in joining the programme, contact us now!

We would be happy to help!

Christiana van Osenbrüggen
local contact point Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs


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